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At Nimonik China (EnviTool) , we believe in quality service and are dedicated to helping you stay up-to-date in the requirements of the Management System certification. With more than a decade of experiences in legal compliance tools and online law databases, Nimonik China (EnviTool) is an ideal and essential companion for companies that are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified or are seeking to be certified. We provide you a one-stop legal archive with information at the National and Local level that you can easily access.

Comprehensive and succinct summaries of legislations are also available to enable you to understand legal contents at a glance, saving you precious time and the hassle of reading through long pages of text. In addition, you can also create a customized list of legislations that are relevant to your company by adding them from our directory. This way, information is organized and updated automatically, and you will be notified immediately of any legislative changes that directly affect your company or organization.

More Information

Nimonik China (EnviTool) is an online legal information tool brought to you by Nimonik inc. (Canada).

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Room 2407, 24th Floor of South Building(Shanghai China Merchants Plaza Office Building), No.333 North Chengdu Road, Jing'an District