What is ISO?

ISO is an international standardizing organization that started in 1947 in Geneva, Switzerland. They advocate the development and utilization of international standards for businesses, governments, organizations and society in many aspects such as environmental management issues, service quality, test methods, production processes, among many others.

Standardizing is especially important in gaining consumer confidence because the compliance to renowned international standards like the ISO enables the guarantee of both quality and reliability.

What is ISO 14001?

Following the advent of the growing concern for environmental issues such as sustainability, more and more people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. The pressure to reduce environmental impacts is ever increasing, and come from every direction including customers, governments, environmental groups, academia, shareholders and even employees.

ISO 14001 is a global standard that specifies the requirements for establishing an Environmental Management System (EMS) that helps your company or organization to improve its environmental performance. It is developed with the focus of mediating the fine balance between profitability and reducing environmental impact.

The ISO 14001 certification can help to establish the assurance that your organization or company is doing the best you can to minimize any influences and impacts on the environment.

ISO 14001 is relevant to every organization, including:

  • Single site to large multinational companies
  • High risk companies to low risk service organizations
  • Manufacturing, process and the service industries
  • Local governments and municipalities
  • Original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers
  • All industry sectors including public and private sectors
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO)

If you wish to find out more about ISO 14001, please visit the ISO 14001 Webiste.